Month: May 2018


B is for Beauty in simplicity

Beauty Immortal

Blossom and bees


Achieved through mutual


Tested by



Turmoil and Tranquility

This post is all about recent events. Introduction: I had to go to Hartford to the Greyhound Bus Station in order to exchange my return bus ticket to Canada; wanting to return a couple of days earlier than first planned. 

Book Fairs

I was delighted to learn that my grandchildren’s school were holding the Spring Book Fair this week and I was able to volunteer to help.

Mother’s Day

Flour, dough, improvised rolling pins, cinnamon, sugar, butter, sticky fingers and patience  finally  yielded the reward of sweet smelling, delicious cinnamon buns.


  Your beauty is Standing tall and proud Reaching out Providing shelter A stillness in the wind Colour, texture, form and Long lasting. I slowly approach Wondering at your majesty and glory Waiting for you to invite me closer. May I touch? With silent consent I dare to reach and Feel the warmth and life…

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