10 things to do at the bus stop

As a grandmother doing the ‘looking after grandson’ thing one of my delights is escorting him to the bus stop every school day.  Today’s post is a list of activities we have collected to do as we wait for the bus.

  1. Be physically active.  Sometimes it’s cold waiting for the bus so to stay warm we invent running, jumping, hopping exercises.
  2. After a week-end of snow and ice; test the slipperiness of the top snow by jumping up and down: comes with a health warning, not advisable standing at the top of a short slope.
  3. Look for worms.  Especially effective in wetter weather, but when warm and dry you can rescue the worm by guiding it to a more comfortable worm hole in the grass.
  4. Listen to the sounds around you: cars, people, birds singing, radios, sirens. Are they happy sounds, peaceful sounds, “stressy” sounds.
  5. Look for interesting rocks.  The best ones are conglomerates such as flints that have interesting shapes, patterns and textures.
  6. On sunny days play shadow games; our favourite is two- becomes-one with more hands and legs doing funny dances and poses.
  7. Have interesting conversations about life, learning and different cultures.
  8. Splash in puddles, or after a frost touch the top layer of ice on a puddle to watch the water swirl and move underneath the ice.
  9. Sometimes it’s just nice to stand quiet in your own thoughts and ‘people watch’.
  10. Count cars: choose a colour count how many cars of that colour go past.


Lessons Learned

  1. He is young; I am older.
  2. Make sure your coat covers your butt otherwise you get wet….
  3. Grandma will tell you to be sure to wash your hands as soon as you get to school – even if you were wearing gloves.
  4. To be thankful we can hear all the different sounds.
  5. Even ‘man made’ rocks in a driveway can have unusual features and be interesting.
  6. Our favourite, but some people may think you’re a bit weird.
  7. Eight year old’s can have thought provoking philosophies and ideas.
  8. Only advisable when wearing boots.
  9. People are interesting, most everyone will respond to a greeting or a smile.
  10. There are more black cars than red ratio 17:3
  11. The bus comes quite quickly when you do fun things
  12. Always tell each other to have a good day and ‘I love you’.