Successes and Failures


Referring to my f.b agenda for today, I’m afraid there have been more things left undone than things done.

I did go to the mall and purchased things I needed to buy and also some I didn’t including two pairs of shoes (two for the price of just over one and still (possibly) cheaper than in England) and a pair of knee length shorts – just right for “Spring in Connecticut”.   The regular ‘Timmies’ visit; modified as it was lunch time the ‘donut’ being  replaced with a healthier (hopefully) raisin bran muffin – warm with butter with  the usual chai latte.    Then, feeling proud of myself for successfully finding the correct bus home I got home just ahead of the family back from a trip to IKEA.

As the weather did not co-operate, outside play was unavailable and grandma’s big idea of making a fort, using  the cardboard box which had housed an IKEA item,  did not appeal so we settled to playing top gear trump cards which evolved into making the stig lap time result board and recreating ‘races’ across the floor.

Supper, (habitant pea soup!) French Reading time, very impressive, and bath time, concludes the evening.

So here we are, perhaps a hum drum journal account of the day and only a few items crossed off the agenda.  Will walking around the mall and the short walk from the bus stop home replace ‘plank exercises’? Probably not, but to do them now would risk waking the boys as I do them to music – ahem a pretty poor excuse, Susan.

But wait; I read an inspiring section from a Daniel Pink post about how we view media and linking it to taking time to meditate.  I will probably use it in a later post.

Also I finally yielded to the fact that wordpress doesn’t really want to allow me to do pages as I want them, however I can just use the category button to sort my blogs.  Not ideal but less frustrating.   Please bear with me as I keep working on the appearance and functionality of my site.

So, actually, not too bad after all.



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