Farmer’s Market, Doughnuts, chalk drawings and bubbles.

The weather has warmed up and we all enjoyed outdoor activities.  After a lazy Saturday morning the sun beckoned us outdoors for another exploring adventure.

Accompanied by my grandson and granddaughter we walked into town, crossing the newly upgraded Burgoyne Bridge with certain jobs on the agenda: purchase greyhound tickets to travel to Connecticut, drop in the library, go to the farmer’s market, mail postcards and buy doughnuts.

St Catharines Farmers Market.

As soon as we entered the delicious aromas tantalised our taste buds and the food all laid out on stalls looked inviting, fresh and colourful.  Each stall had something different to offer and it was enjoyable walking round and ‘window shopping’.  As I am writing this I am enjoying a full glass of apple cider purchased at one of the stalls.  Highly recommended!

Last stop buying doughnuts at a much publicised, popular vegan doughnut store along the main street.  The store is well run and the long queue moved quickly along through the organised ordering system and we were kept entertained by the beautiful paintings which adorned the wall.   After placing our order we only had to wait a couple of minutes for them to be packed up and we were set.  Half a coconut creme doughnut will be my reward for completing this post!

The afternoon sun in the garden made the job of clearing out the shed fun.  Sets of pavement chalks were found and used to full effect making colourful patterns.  The assortment of outside toys, rackets, balls were sorted and placed in boxes.  Oh wait! Is that a bottle of bubbles?



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  1. I’m glad the weather has warmed up a bit for you also. I’m intrigued by the doughnut place! What was the verdict? Could you tell they were vegan? Also, it’s all very well you recommending a glass of cider, but… 🙂


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