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Here is my Dragon

One day a dragon flew over the town.  He liked the town very much but he did not think the town liked him.  They were afraid of his long, spiky tail.  They could not survive his hot, hot fiery burps.  And the worst thing was his bad breath!

“What can I do?” he said  “I want to live in this  town, I want to go to the library and read the books.  I want to play in the park and eat ice-cream.  I want to go to school and learn how to do experiments and add 2 and 5 and play games and write my name.”

“But most of all I want to swim in the cool deep river and lay on the river bank and give rides to the children.”

Dragon thought and thought and then he had an idea.  It was a good idea.  It was a great idea.  It was the best idea of all.   He would do something brave and wonderful for the town so that they would know that he did not want to hurt them.  He just had to wait for the right time.


The boy on top of the volcano.

This volcano is big and is just on the edge of a town.  Usually the volcano is quiet and calm.  It is sleeping the children said.  The grownups thought, “it is dormant, but we never will trust the volcano”.

One day a boy decided to climb the volcano.  He wanted to get to the top to be the king of the castle.  He had a good breakfast and packed his lunch and set off.  He followed the road that led up the beginning of the volcano.  The road stopped at a little cafe selling hot chocolate, pancakes and small souvenirs of little working volcanoes and clockwork trains.  The boy drank a mug of hot chocolate then carried on up the side of the volcano following the small track.  Mountain goats jumped across the rocks on the mountain side and they asked the boy where he was going.  “I’m going to be king of the volcano and the castle.” he said. ” I am going to get to the top by dinner time and I will fly my flag and be king of the castle and the volcano and everyone will be happy because I am king.”

The goats admired the boy’s courage and tenacity but they did not trust the volcano.

The boy climbed and climbed past the track and the grass grew thinner and the path was covered in rocks and the ground shivered and shook.

The boy said,” I will soon be king of the castle and this volcano” and then the ground will stop shaking and shivering and it will be still.

But he began to feel afraid and he did not trust the volcano.

The people in the town missed the boy and saw that he had started to climb the volcano.  They were worried and afraid for the boy.  They did not trust the volcano at all and they did not want the boy to get hurt, but how could they get the boy down?  Who was brave enough to climb up the volcano?  NO-ONE.  Nobody trusted the volcano who rumbled and shivered and shook and did not want the boy to be king.

There was one thing that would save the boy?  Who was it?


The river flowed quiet and softly along the riverbank and the sun shone in the sky.  The water in the river was cool but the sun warmed the air and the grass on the bank.

A tall tree grew by the river, its roots going deep down into the soil, spreading along the bank.  It was solid and firm and aged and had the wisdom of time and knowledge of all things growing.

This was the favourite place for dragon to rest after his swim.  But today he was restless; the river had whispered and jostled him so that he climbed out onto the bank.  Under the tree, the roots of the tree felt uneasy and would not let him rest.  Dragon looked up to the volcano.  He saw a speck walking up the volcano.  Then Dragon knew what he had to do.

Slowly he stood.  He uncurled his long tail and groomed his scales so that they glimmered in the sun.  He breathed deeply and unfurled his wings.  They lifted in the air and cast shadows on the ground.  They were strong and mighty and released the dragon from the ground into the air.  He flew higher and faster and faster and higher until he was close to the volcano.  Now the speck became a dot, then the dot became a shape and the shape became recognisable as a boy and the boy looked scared and did not want to be king of the castle and the volcano anymore.  He wanted to go home and have hot buttered toast for tea and be with his family.

As he walked he felt a shadow over him.  He looked up and saw the dragon.  Could the dragon save him?  He waved to the dragon and the dragon circled around him and landed on the top of the volcano.

“Where are you going boy?” Dragon asked.

The boy explained his adventure; that he thought he could be king of the castle and the volcano, but that as he climbed he learned not to trust the volcano that shivered and shook and grumbled below his feet.

“That is well”, said the Dragon.  “Volcanoes are fiery and dreadful and can never be trusted even if they have slept for years and years.”

“Will you take me home, Dragon?” asked the boy.  “I think I can trust you. You look strong and brave and I like your tail that shines and your wings that cover the ground and your breath is warm and gentle.”

Dragon was happy and he taught the boy how to climb on his back without getting hurt on his sharp tail and he told him how to snuggle in the safe place on his back between his wings and he spread his wings and rose in the air and carried the boy back to his mother and father and his sister and baby brother.

All the town saw what the Dragon had done.  They heard about the boy and his adventure and they knew that they were right to not trust the volcano that shook and shivered and rumbled and one day may wake from its sleep.

But they learned that they were wrong to not trust the dragon because although he looked fierce and cross and fiery, he was gentle and good and just wanted to have a place to belong.








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