Praying the creed 3

I believe in God, the Father almighty

As I pray today I want to focus on the omnipresent God.  I am reminded of God without and outside of time.  We as humans live in the chronos time.  This time was created by God on the Fourth Day “Let there be lights in the sky and let them serve as markers for high days and holy days for seasons and years.”

( Sue paraphrase) Genesis 1:14

In today’s society we become increasingly motivated and controlled by ‘time’.  We have deadlines to meet, we have family activities to organise; days and weeks are marked by work days and rest days, week-ends and the working week.  Within each day we have limitations to our time: meetings, appointments, dates and schedules.

We are made of aware of the passage of time both by media and within our own bodies.    Walk down any main Street and the  current time and date will be publicly displayed on billboards, advertising, and signage.  As I write this flashing light on the screen indicates how long I’ve spent being constructive or wasting time on solitaire games.

My body tells me that it has been too long since I ate, or exercised or slept.  The grey hairs and wrinkles indicate the passage of time however much I may want to deny them.

But we are human, bound by time for a season. Consider Kairos; God’s time.

God the Father, Omnipresent, is not bound by time.  He intervenes in our lives, “at the right time”.

At the right time God sent us a prophet, priest and King.

At the right time that King was delivered to those that were instruments to be used for His purpose.

At the right time death was defeated and we now get a glimpse of eternity.

At the right time God gathers His people together unified, sanctified and glorified.

At the right time He will be revealed in majesty and power.

“God, my eternal Father, allow me today to work to your time as well as earth time.  May I see your special timings in each moment of the day, and honour them in joyful thanksgiving. Allow me to step into your time and be an instrument of your peace, faithfulness and love.”