So today is about a family getting to know each other.

After receiving the all clear from all involved at the hospital yesterday, Thomas was discharged and allowed to come home at about 17:00.  The fact that it was snowing quite heavily at that point, and temperatures around -2 ( I know that’s mild for Canada really) with a wind chill of about -10, did not deter the hardy; suitably clad and buckled into the brand new car seat, the adventure began.

The rest of the evening was spent settling Thomas into his new surroundings, new bassinet in a new room, new things to look at, and smell and hear.  Was he safe from the prodding and poking?  At least for tonight, but there would be more tomorrow.

I’m afraid grandma did not hear all of the night time feeding cries, but I had made it known that I could be woken if necessary.  And we all slept in a little later than usual.

And then brother and sister arrived.  A whole other experience.

I believe the following pictures tell the story far better than my words can.


My Brother is awesome


It doesn’t get much better than this

And now, whilst I write this, all is quiet, hopefully sleeping peacefully ready for school and new adventures tomorrow.