Allow me to introduce to you


Thomas James Adrian

Born 13/04/2018 at 4:00 am.

Weighing in at only 51bs 10oz he is a tiny bundle of joy who has already, needless to say, captured our hearts.

Baby brother to Grant and Evelyn who, I know, will be the best big brother and sister to him and will show him the ways of the world, and help him as he grows to develop his style and place in the world.

I’m afraid not the best pictures and not showing his best side I will have more to show when he arrives home, hopefully tomorrow.

How lovely to be a part of his welcome into the world and to play a major part of grandmother, holding the fort at home whilst he enters the world during the early hours of the morning.

Best bits so far:

Seeing the expression on Grant’s face as he realised the enormity of his new role:” I’m a big brother!” he said as he waited for the school bus to arrive.  He obviously was pleased to announce this fact at school also, as his teacher noted this in his end of week report in his class diary.  Well done, Grant.

Holding the tiny baby, only a few hours old, and being able to welcome him into the world and surround him with love and assurance of protection.  He is the first grandchild that I have been able to get to know from just a few hours old.  This is what retirement means!  I’m a grandmother!

Being able to watch my daughter as she holds her new baby and delights in his presence and his perfection.  Swapping notes about who he looks like, what his personalities and traits are and understanding how he will become Thomas our child and grandchild. The mother son bonding is beautiful, and now I know what the mother, daughter and grandson relationship feels like right at the beginning.

Being able to share our fortune with family and friends all round the world.  Thomas you have many people world wide who will promise to be there for you at all times, who will watch you grow and develop and will always support you and help you to become a part of our family and the community around you.  God bless you and keep you always.

Watching the delight of a new father.  I do not know you very well as yet, but I trust this little one into your care and have faith that you will lead him, teach him the things he should know, and let him find his own way in this world because of the love with which he is surrounded.

I hope you all sleep well tonight, and I look forward to you all coming home tomorrow.

God bless you all, I love you.



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