Waking up in Toronto..


The sound of the bedroom door being pushed open woke me up.  2 secs to orientate, then a fluffy bundle jumped onto the bed and curled up beside me.

So what other delights were on the agenda for today?  First up, a walk through the park and down the lakeside to the ‘Tim Horton’s” for the long awaited treat; cup of chai latte and a sour cream glazed donut.   Unfortunately, this particularly branch were not able to do the latte, but the donut was perfect, accompanied by Earl Grey tea.  Perfect.

Slowly wandering and making our way home, stopped in a delicatessen store for a couple of items and I made a mental note to return tomorrow to buy lunch items: fresh baked bagels, selection of cheeses, salads and produce.

Plans for the evening included evensong at St James’ Cathedral, followed by supper at a restaurant which promised one of my favourite vegetarian options stuffed zucchini flowers.

St James’ Cathedral is a Gothic revival  building built and completed in 1853.  It stands magnificent in a park area and has been described as “an oasis of peace”.  My previous visits have usually been on my last day before flying back to England; visiting  early without the  air of ‘ last day’ emotions but ‘first day’ excitement and thrill was the prayer of gratitude offered to God.


( I have just read my review of the service now posted on trip advisor but I would echo the thought that services there would become a major part of my schedules should I get chance to be here on an extended stay. )

After feeding the soul, it was time to take care of bodily needs; supper!

A short walk helped to build up the appetite and upon entering the restaurant I knew it was going to be a delightful experience.  Byblos welcomed us right from the “Good evening” pleasantly spoken greeting with a smile, through the service, sublime food to the contented finale of coffee and tea. Was it intentional that the zucchini flowers I anticipated were unfortunately unavailable to ensure we returned?  Probably not. Just serendipity that my mind and taste buds were open to recommendations and we savoured citrus olives, jewelled rice, seared cauliflower and grilled bread sticks with house yogurt- plenty enough to enjoy and left overs packed up make the best ‘take away’ ever!



So here’s my ‘shout out’ to a fantastic restaurant and if you are ever in Toronto do pay them a visit; you will not be disappointed!






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