Live from the capital


“Toronto is my favourite city in the whole world! ”

A huge, teenager type exaggeration of course, as I am not that well travelled that I can compare it to many cities.  Suffice it to say; I am excited to be back ‘home’.

Journey was not without its ups and downs ( no pun intended actually as there was surprisingly little turbulance)  and after the third or fourth message from the captain telling us quite calmly that this had to be fixed, or this was wrong, or we were just now waiting for clearance to take off as there was a ‘queue’ we got underway.

I happen to love flying.  Most of the time the 7-8 hour flight passes quite pleasantly, catch up on reading, entertain my love of words with crossword puzzles ( cryptic and codewords being my favourite) reading on my Fire, or actually reading from a book with the occasional cat nap or even just sitting quietly musing.  All very peaceful and ‘me’ time, because there was no, “oh I could be doing this, or maybe I should do this,”  I am my own captive audience and I love it.

However I do think that airlines  get the mix wrong.  Rather than trying to feed us every couple of hours, how about at least providing enough fluids to counteract the dry atmosphere along with the sodium packed food they do provide.  The thing is, after having to get rid of any water you might have with you as you go through check in, you are reliant on pricey drinks after that so you tend to be dehydrated even before getting on the plane.  In short, just give me gallons of water, the occasional fruit juice, a glass of milk might be nice, and a hot drink at least once, and you can keep your meals.

Well that’s the preachy bit over.  Everything else was good.  Not sure about the new kiosk check in service, too early to tell and comment on.  Baggage claim was brilliant, mine seemed to be first on, first off which was nice.  Then through the doors into that crowd of faces, waiting to hear the shout, ” Mom!”

I’m home..

to be cont’d.


This post is dedicated to the most awesome cat!


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