A week on..


So, I’ve completed my first week of retirement.

Today I hugged a tree, sat on a log, ‘kissed’ some violets and baked muffins.

On the whole I think my morning walk at the start of the day was the time of most deep thinking and spirituality.  I have enjoyed exploring the area where I live more fully this week as I have had time to do so; finding some delightful walks covering different environments.  I have explored the woods taking formal paths and going off the track into ‘the path less travelled.’  I have marched across the common and heath taking turns around the Martlesham Control Tower Museum (must actually visit during open hours one day) and I now know what lies behind and around the Police Headquarters – a nice walk for if it’s muddy and rainy as it is mainly paved with the opportunity to walk in the wooded areas.  Finally I have walked just around the housing areas and explored the ‘twitchels’ (Nottinghamshire word) and ‘short cuts’  to admire the variety of houses and dwellings in the area.  Walking is a good time to plan, sort things out, argue with oneself and put the world to rights and when you have done all that, take that quiet moment to sit on a log, in the sunshine and offer prayers of thanksgiving to creator God who provides such a beautiful world for us to live in and gives us the ‘sense’ to enjoy it.

Then the rest of the day was filled with business and going places, all those odd little jobs that must be done before going on your trips.  I have been in contact by the wonder of the WWW to a variety of people, job searched, paid bills, arranged itinerary with family,  researched  many things and been entertained by fb updates from family and friends.

Oh and yes, I have talked with humans face to face also!

So a satisfactory day again: and during it all  if I seemed a little distracted, I watched the Commonwealth Games; cheering both Canada and England gets a little exciting and exhausting.





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