A peaceful evening


Sitting in my apartment watching the solar lights come on in the huge bay window reminds me of times when I would sit in the garden of a previous house.  As the lights came on the garden would be turned into a magical place of shade and light, filled with evening bird song, the distant hum of cars and occasional ‘pop’ of seed pods bursting from a plant which decided it really needed to grow in my garden and for which I have never been able to find its name.

Earlier this evening I decided I would treat myself to a movie after another day of sorting and preparing for my trip.  I have always felt that sometimes we are led to read something, watch something or listen to a certain piece of music because it is the right thing at the right time.   That was certainly true this evening as I chose the film at ‘random’ from Amazon’s prime videos: “As high as the sky”.

Without giving anything away it is about relationships ( of course) and grief and losing oneself before growth.  The film gently exposes the viewer to laughter, tears, surprise, adventure, a little craziness and the beauty of a childlike spirit and innocence.

I know that if I had seen the film in the cinema I would have stayed in my seat to pause as I watched the credits role.  There may even, depending on the audience, have been that spontaneous applause at the ‘final curtain’.  Don’t you just love that?  None of the actors, film crew, writers or people who deserve credit are there, but the applause thanks them anyway.  Very much a job well done and I thank them for the journey.

Good night and sweet dreams




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