Ticking off those check lists


Today has been a day of accomplishments.  Items checked off lists:

  • Gas test:  he arrived on time; efficiently carried out; paper work to follow
  • eta: notification of success – I can now travel!
  • item placed on free cycle
  • items placed on fb market place
  • car service booked for tomorrow ( that’s my walk sorted also!)
  • last minute shopping; however that does mean some repacking
  • eating left overs and depleting store cupboard
  • one book read, another started for my Goodread target!
  • A conversation with a neighbour; it’s lovely being home in sociable hours.
  • Started a profile for private tutoring; possible income source when I return

And last but not least, time to day dream, enjoy the spring mix of weather, and enjoy what I enjoy.

I hope that anyone that reads this also has that feeling of accomplishment and the ‘tidiness’ of jobs sorted and well done.  Well, I’d better get started on the ironing….

a cup of tea would go down well also.


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  1. Sarah Joy Maddeaux
    April 4, 2018 at 8:31 pm

    No. 2 is my favourite.

    For No. 7, please prioritise items containing Marmite and coconut. 😉 (I’m doing a reasonable job of this one here, too!)

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