First day…


b'fast‘First day’ conjures up many ideas: first day nerves, first day of spring (or winter) first day of school first of the month or first day of the year.

As I was walking and meditating this morning, on this my first day of retirement (not counting the holiday) I turned over in my mind a cliché that I remembered from years ago, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”.

The thought then, was one of renewal, or forgiveness, particularly self forgiveness, that you could put away the past and live each day unto its own.

For me, today, it was the thought that yes, this is the first day of me redefining myself.

I am no longer a teacher, I am no longer a full-time carer, I am no longer a daughter.

What am I?  I am a mother, I am a sister, I am part of a community, I am a believer, I am me!

I will become who I am by practise.

Today, I practised my routine, get up, morning walk, breakfast and read the paper.  Oh how lovely.  The sun was shining at that point, highlighting the bright yellow of the daffodils in the window, the apartment building was quiet, (people still away) but there was the sound of business from outside.

I read the paper; pot holes on A14, successful Easter events held in the area, promise of warmer weather, what happened, what is going to happen, things for sale, things wanted, businesses, jobs, homes to rent (too expensive)  local reports, national reports and global reports.  Finally, the crossword puzzles.

This retirement business feels good so far!  I am content.

Now what’s for elevenses?


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  1. Sarah Joy Maddeaux
    April 3, 2018 at 9:43 pm

    Mothers are always full-time carers. 🙂 I like this post very much.

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