Praying the creed: I believe in God


I believe in God. 

God eternal: Who is and was and will be, knew me before I was made, was there at my forming, birth and gave me life.  Continually He is with me each and every second of every day.  As I come to Him  I will deliberately control my breath; quietening my spirit before Him.

Lord,  take me as I am just now.  I acknowledge that today, yesterday, this past week I have not recognised your truth. My bowed head and quietened heart is my sacrifice.

God everywhere:  lives and moves and has his presence throughout the universe at all times.  There is no day, no night, no time and seasons.  I can focus on Him and be in commune with all life everywhere.

Lord,  I hold up before You a world that seems to have lost it’s way.  There is greed, anger and destruction all around.  People are hurting, are lonely, are poor in spirit and in need.  Many are in prisons – either physical or emotional, feeling trapped and scared with nowhere to go and no-one to care for them. Take these my thoughts, inner feelings and sorrow Lord and make me whole. 

God almighty:  Who knows all and is all around is all powerful.

The  power of God calms storms, turns water into wine, feeds His people, heals the sick and raises the dead.  I too can claim that power for my life as I minister to His people.

Lord, take me, take my hands, my feet, my voice and my heart and move me among those that are crying. Open my eyes to those around me to bring peace, love and hope.

I believe in God and I believe God is. I believe His grace to heal, His power to Save and His promise of life.

Challenge: Send up a silent prayer dart for everyone you meet today.


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