These last days….

I love being in the classroom.  I love the interactions going on all at the same time: peer to peer, tutor to student, all-group discussions, tutor to class.  I love playing the clown, chastising with my ‘wrath of Sue’ stare’ sharing my wisdom, guidance and knowledge and sharing those ‘you got it!’ moments.  I love learning with my class and from my students.  I love the buzz and the smell and the neatness and order at the start of the class which gradually dissolves into work dishevelment as workbooks, reading pages, pens, rulers, dictionaries, text books, library books and clutter all bow down to the brain power, thought processes and writing that takes place.  I love the interruptions.  I love the peace and quiet as students work quietly and independently.  I love the fact that it is cold when it needs to be cold, and hot on the good days.  I love that students feel safe enough to share their hopes, dreams, disappointments and successes.  I love welcoming each student in at the start of the morning and giving my blessing handshake, high five, fist spud or other appropriate ‘see ya’ at the end of class.  I love my whiteboard which starts out with all the appropriate aim, objections, date and word of the day and appropriate starter clearly displayed and ends up with notes, drawings, diagrams, math and English, philosophy and culture, reminders and scribbles and the joy of learning all muddled into “Wow!  Look where we have been today!”  I love that I can smile at it, commit it to memory, make notes on it before wiping it clean, ready for the next class.
At the end of it all I love the quiet reflection, the marking, the paper work, the written feedback and praise, the ‘we’ll look at this again tomorrow’, the ‘you’re getting there’ and the ‘oops’ moments.  Then I love turning off the computer screen, clearing the desk clutter and  relishing the nourishment of the lunch time ‘cuppa’, daily crossword and the thought that we will love all those things again tomorrow morning.




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